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Here you can buy and sell tracked vehicles, spare parts, litterature and many other things. You can also buy and sell other off road vehicles . Send your ad to: knutes@telia.com Ich brauche auch Hilfe für die Übersetzung in Deutsch.

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Object Euro   Object Euro  
Bv 202Mk2 Norw. Army 8000    
      Unimog 416 doka excellent. 14000
Bv 202Mk2 w snowblade 9000 Unimog 416 1975 ex firebrigade 9500
Special vehicles, Reedcutter Webercarburetor new Volvo B18/B20 400
Tracks Bv202 400 Automatic transmission Bv 206 Factory overhauled / new 1350  
Bv 202 Mk 2 3300      



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