Volvo BM Bv 202

Bv202 Snow cat - All-terrain articulated vehicle manufactured by Volvo BM, Arvika, Sweden.
The 4.200kg(9305lb) vehicle has a crew of 2, 8 passengers, it can negotiate 1.1m obstacles, 3.6m trenches, 60% gradients, 40% side slopes and is amphibious without preparation. It is unarmed but has an attachment point for a pintel mount. It has been produceed 5000 units between 1962-81. Mainly two versions have been produceed: Early version (Swedish and Norwegian army) MkII (Norwegian army, NATO) . Mk II with a slightly bigger engine, Orbitrol steering and ZF gear box.
Tracks are very strong and can also be used in summer. Swedish army used to move these units by driving them on the main road. As nearly all Swedish Army units has been scrapped there are lots of cheep spare parts and nearly new tracks (with stainless steel wires) available in Sweden. Construction is of very high quality and rugged. An extremly competent off-road vehicle. With a good driver nearly impossible to get stuck.
Adaptor plates available to install automatic transmission and/or diesel engine if desired. A friend of me has used the early version for spreading lime for 7 years. He has spread more than 1000 ton (2250000lb), loaded between 1800-2000kg (4000-4500lb) every time and there has been no problems with the unit.

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